All the grapes are picked mannually and collected in boxes of 18Kg. The time of harvest of each vineyard is determined by tasting the grapes to check their organoleptic expressions.

The temperature of the most is controlled during the fermentation proccess, until the Wine is ready. We continually and thoroghly evaluate the evolution, from an analytical and sensorial point of view, and also, through different maceration times, contacts with sediments, piages, delestages, and other processes, we reach the best expression in each of the wines that we make.

Later, the wine is stored in barrels or in small underground vats (70-140 Hl.), with a stable temperature of 18-20 ºC, until bottling. Once in the bottle, the wine is put in a small room with the required qualities for the best evolution of the Wine.

We work professionally applying the best oenologic technicques while treating with great care each cask and bottle.
The winery has the basic infrastructure for making different wines in small batches, thus finding the personality of our terroir, which defines our identity.