Reserve Collection Pinot Noir / Tannat

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Reserve Collection Pinot Noir / Tannat

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Grape varieties: 70% Pinot Noir 30% Tannat

Variety characteristics: Pinot Noir: The name is derived from the French words for “pine” and “black” alluding to the varietals’ tightly clustered dark purple pine cone shaped bunches of fruit. It is widely considered to produce some of the finest wines in the world, but is a difficult variety to cultivate and transform into wine. Tannat is a red wine grape, historically grown in South West France in the Madiran AOC and is now one of the most prominent grapes in Uruguay, where it is considered the “national grape”. The Tannat wines produced here are characterized by more elegant and softer tannins and blackberry fruit notes.

Location of our vineyards: Etchevarría, Canelones, Uruguay, located just 25 km away from the Rio de la Plata.

Soil: Calcareous and permeable undulating fields.

Harvest-Date: Pinot Noir: Early February Tannat: Early March

Harvest: Manually collected in 18 kg boxes.

Fermentation: Pinot Noir: 14 days Tannat: 13 days.

Malolactic Fermentation: Yes.

Oak ageing: 10 months (30% of the wine without oak).

Description: This original red wine presents an attractive garnet red colour. The flavours are delicate with blackberries and plum jelly notes. Those elements are carried through to the creamy finish.

Food Pairing: By combining this interesting  “Assemblage” with blue cheese and red meats, the perfect match is obtained.

Recommended Serving Temperature: 16º to 18ºC.

Decanting: Recommended 30 minutes decanting before drinking.